20150112_123424This is what’s been keeping me busy – and awake for the past four days.

The labor for first set of planners and notebooks was a much needed break from the previous semester’s brain processing. It was something I welcomed.

Now that I’m doing the cutting for possible profit, the standards are higher and I more critical (meaning, there’s a lot of wasted printed drafts). At two in the morning I find myself asking why I even bother to do all the cutting and binding when I’m not even sure if people will buy it. I slip into a troubled sleep and wake up with the muscles complaining with every movement. My right arm feels like it’s about to fall off. I look at the stack of unfinished drafts at the work station and I’m disheartened. All weekend, I’ve worked and I haven’t even started binding at this point.

This is the impatient me. I haven’t seen one complete notebook in the past week and it’s killing me. I wallow in self-doubt after not being able to complete the tasks I have set for the weekend. My first official transaction is tomorrow. I’m looking forward to it. I know I can meet the deadline. I just hope the client likes what she pays for.

The delivery of the dry seal helped lift my spirits. Maybe, just maybe, there is something to this new interest. I’ll just have to go through it and we’ll see how it goes. As for product quality, I’m clinging to what my stepfather said years back when I talked about maybe starting a small business and the worry that people may not like it. Carl said  that I should just get it out there and wait. No need to fuss over something that hasn’t happened yet.  Just focus on the task at hand.



some sign


Came home to two broken windows. Just great. This is just what I needed.Untitled-1

I hope that this is not the doing of the group responsible for the April Fools’ Day lock prank. I keep hoping that it may have just been a group of children playing (with rock throwing and windows as targets?!) or perhaps their just trying to scare the compound’s dog away (with a rock large enough and a force strong enough to break through two glass windows?!). Called the landlord immediately to report on the window damage.

The incident did call my attention to one important thing — I really need to clean that window (and I could sense the third sister nodding from where she might be reading this.) I’ll take it as a sign. I’ll clean the apartment windows first thing tomorrow.


Achievement unlocked.IMG_4151 It took me about an hour but yes, I did successfully change the apartment door’s deadbolt. Pa would have been proud.  The lock did last for more than six years and it’s  a good thing there was extra cash to buy a new one within the day.

I was supposed to wait for the apartment’s carpenter to deal with the lock first thing tomorrow morning. I just could not wait that long. I have to leave the apartment and I wasn’t quite sure if I’d have this afternoon’s luck in randomly rotating the key until somehow the door opens.

It wasn’t as hard as the instructions made it seem. It’s just that I feared I won’t be able to install the thing properly. That would mean a pricey house call from a carpenter – if I found one.

At first I thought the broken lock was the cherry on top of a really bad day. It turned out that it was the only thing that made me feel productive today. It’s been a such a long 10-hour work stretch (with breaks of course).

I’m just grateful I had something positive to take with me to sleep.



Just couldn’t help it. IMG_4119

I volunteered to get the gift items for our graduating  development journalism students at the nearby shops lining the main avenue. I thought me doing the purchasing would give me the feel-good points for the month. I had hoped that it would prevent me from getting another notebook for myself. Or so I thought.

I still have a couple of unused notebooks lined up for use. My stock  would cover the entire 2014. Heck, even 2015’s entries. Still, when I saw this particular set of bound square pages, I had to check the price. For PhP 150, it felt like a good buy at the time. Now, I’m really more worried about this craze for notebooks than the purchase’s effect on the week’s budget.

If this was a test for self-control, I failed miserably. I’m not even sure I’d do better at mustering some level of restraint over acquiring notebooks.




There’s been talk about using glasses at the office. Considering that we’re at the busiest part of the semester – for students and teachers – I’m not sure if the cloudy filter in my eyesight with the unwanted (and uncontrolled) zooming in and out of my vision is just caused by stress or if I should go have my eyes checked.

Dreading the thought of having to wear glasses 😐 I have just spent the past two weeks making fun of the eldest sister who finally succumbed to wearing glasses after putting it of for years because it made her feel old!)