Took a loan to help fund this new project. Worst case would be me being stuck at my job for the next two years as I settle the loan.

The good part of taking the risk would be managing to profit a little and have something to look forward to in the next two years. The dread would still be there but at least I have something to look forward to.

On a more serious note, I finally accepted that I’ll never have the enough money to buy a house if I rely on this job alone. While transferring to another job is an option, I have to make the most of what is existing. And if I am to stay, at least I’ll have something to take my mind of the negativities from the workplace.

So far, it’s been very effective. This past week, I felt so guilty thinking about the side job while at work that I didn’t utter one complaint. Still, it does feel odd having shifted the focus from work – the only focus I had before – to the side job.

This is what the side job looks like.20150109_233658

I was lucky that the mother was out of town for a week. That’s one week’s worth of working in peace! – in an air-conditioned space! -for free!

Okay, I was finishing up on the latest draft of the (supposedly) monthly publication we were to release next week. I wanted to finish the revisions so I could send the files to the press and I can make notebooks free of guilt.

I just wish there was a 7Eleven nearby so I could gulp on coffee while working on the notebooks.

Here’s to a weekend of (working in) peace!


of wants and responsibilities

Just glad to have survived the weekend – and hopefully get through this week okay. I cannot wait for the Christmas break.

We arrived at about 7am this morning. Managed a long shower and it was off to the office. There’s a lot of stuff to deal with before the vacation.

The weekend turned out better than I feared. I’m thankful for the words that led me back to reason and to acting more like an adult rather instead of a brat. It wasn’t what I wanted. It was something I needed to do. Going through it didn’t kill me. I’m thankful that I went to Banaue last weekend – the cold, stiff neck, back ache, and all.

It was cold and drizzling most of the time.P1000879 Envied the house pet warmly curled up by the fire, asleep. Was really envious of the asleep part.

P1000887 Heavy clouds descended to the terraces with the steady drizzle and colder-than-usual winds.



P1000968For a few moments, we did experience a bit of  sunshine.

But mostly, it’s drizzle, fog, and cold. For work and inviting people to attend a community meeting, the condition’s a disadvantage. Once we finished business matters, we did manage to enjoy the weather at a local bakery. We found a new place to hangout – with way more affordable menu entries. Sampled goods on display 🙂 Bought 26 PhP worth of goods and stayed for more than an hour. It was also more quiet.

P1010087 P1010092Now, I just hope this sore throat wouldn’t progress to the flu.

Destination: Singapore Day 2 of 4. Funan Digital Mall, IKEA, and Little India

This breakfast was really the reason why I picked the hostel. It looked pretty in the website – plus they have great coffee 😀

Went back to the camera store to get another unit. They just had to tell me that they were doing me a favor by giving me a new unit in exchange for the malfunctioning one, adding that they won’t be responsible if the new unit malfunctions. Searched online for this store and I found they’re quite notorious for overpricing, among other complaints. I do feel stupid for not checking the store background first before making a purchase. One darn expensive lesson. One I doubt I’ll ever forget.

Thankfully, the new unit worked fine. If it had not, I believe I would be spending the next two days sulking in Singapore (or locating the Panasonic Service Center.)

Went to IKEA in the afternoon. Got lost because I went to Ikea, not IKEA. Stupidity at work, once more 😐 Well, at least I got to try Tsujiri green tea sundae. It reminded me of the trip at Daehan Green Tea Plantation. I missed that green tea treat. Would have wanted to try their cakes and the rest of the cold drinks. Unfortunately, I just had lunch. Stuffed myself full at Funan Digital Mall Foodcourt. Hopefully, Tsujiri Tea House would open a branch in the Philippines.

I later found that going to IKEA on a Sunday isn’t such a bright idea. The store’s packed with families doing the weekend shopping. It was no surprise that the restaurant was packed. So much for trying that meatballs dish. Was too tired from the anxiety over the camera, getting to the wrong address, and the almost two hours of travel back to the hostel to stand and wait for a space.

It was overpriced. I realized that when I did a net research on the unit earlier today. Stupid move to buy before research. I’m just relieved it’s working fine. No more error prompts!

It was only in the evening that I got to enjoy the camera.

I made sure that I go back to Little India in the evening. The bus passed by the area earlier today and I saw the festive decorations. I just knew they’d be lovely in the evening.

Intersection between Lavander St. and Serangoon Rd. just a few minutes away from the hostel.
Wandered along the festively lit streets of Little India in search for dinner.
Ceremonies were ongoing for the Depavaali.



Dinner was a rice, ground pork, and a sauteed leafy dish at one of the Chinese stalls near the temple. Nearly ordered deep fried chicken heads. How was I to know chicken skulls were inside that delicious looking. Good thing the stall owner was kind enough to identify the main ingredient 😐

The best find for the evening was the iced coffee in the Indian restaurant across the street. They’re very generous with ice here. Also, tried a chrysanthemum flavored softdrink. It tasted. Still, it’s something new. It was better that the pine cone flavored softdrink from South Korea. But that iced coffee, incomparable to the what popular cafes offered. Served in a large beer mug filled with ice, sipping that coffee in one of the makeshift tables was the happiest I’ve been the past two days I’ve been here.

That mug of coffee made me look forward to more good things here in Singapore.