Every time I hit “Publish”, I can’t help but feel proud. Lately, I’ve posting more student articles in the community website. I’m taking that as a good sign. It means more article are worth publishing.

As usual, there’s always that voice from within – perhaps your standards have changed. Lowered, perhaps?

I did consider that. It seems too good to be true to have posted more than five articles in a semester. I asked my colleagues about it and yes, they answered that they have adjusted their standards lowering them to fit the quality of outputs students have these days.

So I went back to reading the articles. They seemed fine to me. The me from the previous four years would have agreed. I’m not sure if the outputs have improved , if it was being more specific about the things to be included in the articles, or having the students write more. I’m not quite sure. The succeeding semesters would determine that, I guess.

Right now, I am happy to see more student bylines. This is what we’ve aimed for. By the time the student graduates, s/he should have established a strong writing portfolio.

It’s also nice to see relatives comment on the articles. Of course, it is biased. Still, it’s nice to have them appreciate the student outputs.


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