a recharge

There’s a drought of inspiration where I am. Seriously. Can I not get a glimpse of even one aesthetically pleasing male in this part of the country? I’m seriously doubting if the town has a Good Looking Males Keep Out sign on its borders.

The friends advised me to take a bus and try searching in a different location. I’m just too lazy. I may have to do that. The office windows offer no inspiration. Nada.

For some, all one needs is to view something aesthetically pleasing to get inspiration. This inspiration becomes the motivation to proceed with the completion of one’s daily tasks – especially those requiring higher levels of creativity.

For years, I’ve been operating on the reserve. These days, the reserve¬†have been exhausted. I need a recharge. It’s like looking for freshwater in the middle of the ocean. I’m exaggerating. Still, the point is – You’re looking in the wrong place! Nearly five years and you have not processed that as a fact?!¬†There goes that voice inside my head. I hate that voice.